Thank you for taking the time to help us celebrate the third annual Fountain Pen Day!

This year, Fountain Pen Day is Friday, November 7, 2014.

It is celebrated on the first Friday of November.

Fountain Pen Day is simply a day to celebrate and share your love of the pen. It is a day to embrace the joy of writing things out by hand. Script, cursive, print or calligraphy it does not matter as long as you are writing and not typing. There is nothing quite like writing with an instrument that fits your hand, a nib that expresses your style, an ink color that speaks your mood or a paper that grasps your thoughts. It’s about experiencing the joy of sharing your reflections of life with your own hand. Your handwriting does not need to be the most artistic or beautiful for people to be able to read into your mood as you write. It speaks volumes whether you realize it or not. There are National holidays for the Pencil and Ball Point Pen so why was there not a day set for the mighty Fountain Pen? I can’t answer that… but I can tell you that there is now a day for our obsession, hobby and choice of writing instrument. Celebrated on the first Friday in November allows everyone to spend the weekend indulging in their writing and sharing it with friends. Many pen collector groups have started having gatherings or “Pen Posses” that weekend to share and deepen each others knowledge. Sharing not just their pens but their own skill sets of adjusting nibs as well as letting others try different nib sizes etc. Finding just the right ink & pen combination with that oh so perfect paper. 

Fountain Pen Day is about sharing your passion and passing it on to others. is filled with links to passionate retailers, fanatical bloggers and updated information about whats new.

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