Contest Voting

Wow! We received some great entries for our contest commemorating the second annual Fountain Pen Day! The theme for this contest was pretty open – it could be anything (writing or drawing) having to do with fountain pens. The only real rule was that fountain pens had to be used in its creation.

Each entry is listed below with a simple poll beneath to cast your vote. You can vote for no more than two entries and you can only vote one time total (so put a check mark next to your top two before hitting “vote.”) The winner of this contest is determined by whichever entry receives the most votes. Top entries will earn display on this website for at least the next year.

Check out the entries below, cast your votes, and thanks for celebrating Fountain Pen Day with us! (You can view each entry larger by clicking on it.)

Vote Below – Round Two!


Choose your favorite two from the list below.