Flex from a different angle

This is just a video from a lower angle of writting with nibs that flex. I noticed this in a couple of videos and decided to do something a little different. I flimed it from a very low angle to show just how much the nib seperates from the feed sometimes. Its not about my poor handwriting that was even worse trying to hold the camera and watch what I am doing BUT how the nib and feed react to the different amounts of pressure put in them. I can see how people spring their nibs so often trying to over-flex.
Pens & Inks used:
Nakaya Desk Pen w/Medium Soft nib, Noodlers Qin Shi Huang
Sheaffers Flat top w/Waterman 100 Year nib, Mont Blanc Turquoise
TWSBI mini w/Pendelton Bad Boy nib, Noodlers Liberty Elysium
Mont Blanc 344 w/Medium nib, Noodlers X-Feather
Namiki Falcon w/Medium soft nib, Noodlers Qin Shi Huang
Nakaya Neo Standard w/Med Soft Stub, Noodlers Liberty Elysium
Mont Blanc 146 w/Medium 18k nib, Mont Blanc Bordeaux
Noodlers Konrad w/Flex nib, Noodlers Baystate Blue
Wahl~Eversharp Skyliner 50 w/Medium Semi-flex nib, Noodlers Black Swan in English Roses

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