Waterman’s 52 1/2V review

This is a review of a vintage Waterman’s 52 1/2V.

While I don’t know a lot about the details and history of the pen I can tell you it has some really nice flex abilities and the flat feed keeps up nicely. 52 is the pen size, 2 stands for the nib size and the 1/2 means it is a slim pen. The “V” stands for its small size. Made of hard rubber with a 14k fine/flexable nib. It was made approx in the 30’s. That’s about all the details I could dig up to share about it.

While the nib is a bit scratchy at times it is a fine writer and with some time and patiance I have learned to control somewhat the strokes and pressure it likes and dislikes. Fun to write with for sure but it’s small size for someone who has larger hands, like me, it can be a little tiring after a while.


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