Organics Studio Boyle

This weeks review is of the new Organics Studio “Boyle” Ebonite pen. I got the green verion of this pen with a sac. Retail was $35 for this version. $25 for the eyedropper version. It starts as an eyedropper and the other filler option is to get the sac version. There is no convertor and it does not take ink cartridges. Organics Studio commissioned Ranmanson pens to make these for them. The fit and finish is very nice and especially the ebonite. I really like the patteren they have within the ebonite itself. It really has a wonderful vintage look. I did find the lowest edge of the grip section a little sharp on my middle finger. That was due to how I was holding it. I held the pen a little higher and it was no problem at all and really is where a pen should be held. It actually is good for me as it keeps me holding the pen how I should. The grip section itself is nice and smooth and has a good diameter. While a little small for my large hands it will certainly be a great size for the average person. It is by no means a small grip and is comfortable to use.  I nib is an Iridium Point Germany nib with a flat feed. It needed a slight alignment but nothing major at all. It was smooth and fine to medium, but more on the fine side for sure. It also has some flex to it IF you really want it and push for it. This would be a great daily writer and holds a good amount of ink in the sac. As an eyedropper I would imagine it holds 2-3 mls of ink easily. If you were to remove the sac you could make it back to an eyedropper. You would simply put a little silicone grease on the section threads and fill the boody with ink. That would keep you writing for quite some time! My only personal complaint was where they put the pens name “OS Boyle” in white. BUT have no fear as it can be scratched off with your finger nail easily with no sign of it ever being there.

I got mine from Zeller Writing Company



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