Fountain Pen Day Needs A Logo!

So a logo is needed and I am not a graphic designer and certainly not the one who has “art” in his blood.

What should it be:

1) Round overall ~ or at least symmetrical for ease of use
2) A Fountain pen nib somewhere in the design.
3) “Fountain Pen Day” on it as well.
4) It needs to be in digital form

The rest is pretty open. I thought maybe having it say “First Friday in November” in it but with Google being used to define and find out everything now a days I dont see it as a necessity.

Being able to use it as a rubber stamp, wax seal etc. is optimum besides having it in digital forms for the site. I know in the states you can make your own postage stamps with an image as well. It will be shared throughout the world. As well it will end up being used quite a bit as a clickable link icon to the site from many blogs, retailers and manufacturers.

I have waited to long to do this so time is short as the day is approaching BUT I will give it till next Sunday October 13th @ 11:59pm EST.

Ill give away to the winner a Fountain Pen Revolution Dilli pen & a 5 pack of ink samples from Scribal Work Shop & 5 sheets of Tomoe River Paper.
The Dilli can either be Blue with Flex nib or Red with Stub nib ~ Brand new of course.

Do know that what you create, should it be chosen will be subject to free use world wide. Credit for the logo will be given on it’s own page on the Fountain Pen Day website.

You can email it to


Heres one I came up with but dont think is very good…


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